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1. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Be alert.  Flying bodies and objects are not uncommon.

2. Proper Use of Protective Helmet-Required.  Pads-Strongly Recommended

3. BICYCLES AND SCOOTERS NOT ALLOWED. The facility is designed for skateboards and in-line skates only.  Violations will result in loss of privileges.

4. Skateboarding is not allowed throughout Shoreline Park, it is only allowed in the Skate Park.

5. Stickers or graffiti are not permitted and will result in closure of the facility.

6. No obstacles, other materials, glass, food or drink inside skate park fence.

7. Spectators must watch from outside fence boundaries. Only persons participating in skateboarding or roller blading allowed in skate park.

8. Alcohol, tobacco products, and drugs are prohibited.  Failure to comply with these rules will result in loss of park privileges and a report to the Gulf Breeze Police Department.

9. Profane or abusive language not allowed.  Use of any profanity will result in loss of park privileges.

10. Know your abilities and skate within them.  Exercise common sense and general courtesy to others.

11.  No loud music or loud noises.  Be respectful to other park users in the same vicinity such as the children’s park and tennis courts.

12. Parks and Recreation Staff are here to help ensure your safety and enjoyment. They have the authority to enforce all rules, including loss of privileges. All city ordinances and park rules are enforced.

Sunset Skate Park.jpg

Sunset Skate Park

Mondays - Saturdays
9:00am - Dark


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