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Dog Park

Sunday - Saturday
Sunrise to Sunset

The Shoreline South Bark Park is a specially designated area within the Shoreline Park South and dogs must be kept on a leash until inside the appropriate zone and re-leashed before exiting. The off-leash area is surrounded by chain-link fencing and bordered by trees. It is surfaced with a combination of sand, grass, and leaves


  1. Access to the Shoreline South Bark Park is limited to two dogs per owner.

  2. Children under nine years of age are not allowed in the off-leash area and all pet handlers must be at least sixteen before taking a dog inside.

  3. Each dog must have been issued with the correct permit from the Gulf Breeze authorities before being allowed into the dog park. These cost $9 for un-neutered pets and $6 for those that have been neutered.

  4. All dogs must have their vaccinations up to date and any female dogs in heat are not allowed to use the park.

  5. Poop bags are available on site and owners are expected to pick up after their dog and help keep the park clean for other users.

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For more information, contact
Parks and Recreation 

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