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Wetland, Boardwalk & Trails

The Shoreline Trail Wetlands Boardwalk is the longest of all the City's boardwalk offerings found in Shoreline Park, Wayside Park, Baycliffs Preserve, Vista Park, and Gulf Breeze National Seashore.

The elevated boardwalk stretches more than a third of a mile over the wetlands to the beach shoreline, traveling through ecosystems abounding with wildlife. There is also an uncovered nature-viewing gazebo with bench seating. The boardwalk is ADA-compliant with a parking lot and a beach access ramp.

A New Design - 2023-06-21T072239_edited.jpg

Mayor Cherry Fitch stated: “This project is the last major trail extension of the City’s 1998 Shoreline Park South Master Plan. It would not be possible without the support of the State of Florida, which recognizes the importance of ecotourism and wetlands habitat. The City has a total of 47.5% (1,386.4 acres) of land area set aside for conservation. A special thank you to Senator Broxson and Representative Andrade for championing this project, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Santa Rosa County Tourism Development, and especially District 5 and 4 Commissioners Colten Wright and Dave Piech.”

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