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Blueways Trails

The City of Gulf Breeze is committed to promoting and accommodating the use of kayaks, canoes, and other small, non- motorized watercraft (“paddle-craft”) to connect our citizens and visitors to the diverse natural environment, history and our coastline and waterways, and recreational opportunities through recreational and sport fishing.

The Blue ways Plan for Paddlers recommends enhancing the connectivity between existing water access points to provide for a short daytime paddle excursion. The Parks included in the blue ways plan includes Shoreline Park South, Woodland Park, Vista Park, and Wayside Park.
In July 2019, the City of Gulf Breeze joined the Florida Paddling Trails Association as an active Blueways Community, thus becoming part of the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail.
Exciting paddler and kayak upgrades coming in 2023-24!
January 10, 2019, after months of largely attended community meetings, the Gulf Breeze Blueways Plan gained approval by the Gulf Breeze Advisory Parks Board and City Council. The Plan promotes our waterfront destinations for kayaks and paddlers: Shoreline Park South, Woodland Park, and Vista Park. In 2022, the City was awarded a $1.2 million FWC grant in order to design and implement the Plan '23-'24. Upgrades include a relocated floating dock at Woodland Park, new kayak launch at Vista Park, and numerous upgrades including a kayak launch at Shoreline Park South.

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