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Shoreline Beachside Dog Park

Gulf Breeze residents with four paws have a new place to get their noses wet and sandy after the city’s new waterfront “Bark Park” opened next to Shoreline Park.

The swim-friendly dog park is located just east of the boat launch at Shoreline Park South.

“The primary amenity we have there is that we’ve got a specific area marked in the water with buoys that indicate where dogs can swim, off-leash. We also have an observation deck for individuals who want to just sit down and watch. People can get in the water with their dogs, of course, if they want to, but we also have the observation deck there as well.


  • All dogs at the park must be legally licensed and vaccinated, and must wear a visible dog license.

  • Dogs under 4 months of age and female dogs in heat are prohibited

  • There is no separate area for small and big dogs in the waterfront park.

  • Handlers must clean up any waste and fill any holes dug by dogs under their control.

  • Humans may swim in the water with their pups if they want to.

  • Dogs should be on a leash when they're not in the water.

  • No animals other than dogs are permitted in the bark park area.

  • The park is open from sunrise to sunset.

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