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Martin birdhouses are available at the parks listed:

Highpoint Park
Williamsburg Park
Wetland, Boardwalk, and Trails
Woodland Park

Martin Bird House

  • Offer your martins an elite home with this Home Bazaar Purple Martin Clubhouse Bird House. This abode combines elegance with function, for a truly dramatic piece. The tidewater architecture of the item is reminiscent of a southern mansion. A porch surrounds each level of the house, complete with posts to support the overhanging roof, and white railings to protect the gallery and offer martins a convenient perch. The opening to each of the 16 rooms is flanked by faux shutters, and a cupola adds a finishing touch. The white cupola has four ventilation holes covered by screen, to help regulate the temperature inside the home. The roof boasts actual shingles, which will offer the same protection as the shingles on your home. The black color of the roof perfectly contrasts the gleaming white home, creating a classic look. Each apartment has a 2" diameter entrance hole, leading into the modest space. The top level detaches from the bottom for seasonal nest checks and cleanouts.

    Using only the finest materials available with a painstaking attention to detail, this martin house is handcrafted of kiln-dried hardwood, exterior grade plyboard, and non-toxic oil-based exterior paint. With proper maintenance, this purple martin house will provide years of enjoyment for both you and your feathered friends. This house may be mounted using a heavy-duty purple martin house pole and mounting plate (not included). It is also equipped with padded feet so that it may rest on a solid, flat surface inside your home. Offer martins a stylish roost with this Purple Martin Clubhouse Bird House.

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