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Donating your contributions will enhance our park's livelihood for generations to come. Building through play and weather for years of fun. Playground equipment encourages kids to unleash their imaginations, interact with other children and move their bodies. As a result of playing, kids develop mental, physical, and social skills without even realizing it.

Available at:
McClures Park
Dog Bark Park
Hodges Park
Highpoint Park
Williamsburg Park
Shoreline North Park
Sunset Kids Playground Park
Woodland Park

Bike Tool Station

  • Designed for convenience and to promote safety for cyclists everywhere, the comprehensive FixIt Bike Repair Station with Air Kit 2 pump makes performing routine bike maintenance or repairs all the easier. The all-steel FixIt features innovative hanger arms that provide more support and space to access the bike parts, Air Kit Pump, and various attached tools.

  • All parks

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